Welcome to Dambana

Dambana is home to a remote and indigenous community known as the Veddas who are regarded as the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka, and were originally hunter-gatherers. They still live by their ancient traditions, and are almost completely untarnished by modern society. The population of these indigenous 'Vedda' people now consists of only about 350 families, a number significantly reduced from a once thriving community.

The Veddas were originally hunter-gatherers. However during the recent decades, they have been shifting in a slow transformation into Chena dry land for cultivation.

Best places to visit in Dambana

  • Dambana Village
  • Maduru Oya National Park
  • Dambana Museum
  • Mahiyanganaya Stupa
  • Sorabora Wewa Reservoir
  • Ulhitiya Wewa Reservoir

Things to do in Dambana

  • Visit Vedda village
  • Visit Mahiyanganaya Raja Maha Viharaya
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