Our Popularly Chosen Classy Travels’ Splendid Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

Can’t make up your mind where to travel, during your holidays in Sri Lanka? You don’t have to, we help you plan the best holiday while in Sri Lanka. Our ultimate vacation plan is getting you around the entire island with a memorable Sri Lankan tour holiday in multi-cities under different horizons.

An entire Sri Lankan tour holiday for less than what you would be paying for, on your own, is what makes Classy Travels your best option to choose us. An affordable price tag for an extravagant experience is what we offer in our tour packages in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, is no tear drop in the Indian Ocean, but an amazing island with breath taking lush green forests, vibrant endemic wild life, sun kissed beaches and historical monuments. Our tour packages in Sri Lanka are designed keeping in mind, to offer a whole load of local flavour with mouth-watering gastronomic experiences together with an insight into the rich multi-ethnic lifestyle in this little paradise.

Your holidays in Sri Lanka would be without doubt a memorable one with our enticing tour packages offered as pre-designed packages or personalised to suit your necessities. A safe and exciting journey into the nooks and corners of this dynamic, high spirited island is what we have in store for you.

Make the best out of you holidays in Sri Lanka with a fun filled, rich experience, captivating the island’s diverse culture and beauty. Your Sri Lankan tour holiday will be exclusively arranged by our expert staff to facilitate a pleasant stay.

View our tour packages below to choose your travel station which fits your pocket. We will take care of the rest for you.

  • Hill Country Tours

  • The hill country is a world away from the rest of Sri Lanka, with tangled green mountains rise from every quarter, their lower slopes swathed in verdant tea bushes.
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  • Beach Tours

  • Sri Lanka has almost thirteen hundred kilometers of picture postcard style wide sandy beaches.Beach tours are specifically designed for those with a thirst for coastal getaways.
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  • Honeymoon Tours

  • This island is perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Many hotels specialized in honeymoons opening offering newlyweds and couples to be the ideal gateway.
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  • Ayurvedic Tours

  • Ayurveda, a traditional 5000 year old medicinal healing system, tackles stresses and ailments of modern life in a natural and holistic way.
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  • Wildlife Tours

  • These Sri Lankan wildlife tours allow you to experience multiple national parks around the island in a relatively short time span.
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  • Classic Tours

  • Classic Tour is still one of the most popular tours & recommended for anyone who wishes to see the island’s main sights.
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  • Cultural Tours

  • Cultural triangle regions of Sri Lanka which fall between the former capitals of Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.
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